Chemical Overhaul

aircon Chemical Overhaul

When Do You Need a Chemical Overhaul?

A chemical overhaul involves using chemical treatments to get rid of stubborn stains, debris, grime, and dirt. This goes beyond a simple chemical wash, and treats the different parts of your air conditioner.

During a chemical overhaul, the aircon technician will also inspect at the unit to check for unusual signs to fix them. It is especially important if you haven’t serviced your aircon in a long time, or if you hear strange noises coming from it.

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What happens during a chemical overhaul? Here’s what to expect:

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The entire unit is dismantled

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Each component is chemically treated with a chemical cleaner

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Odour-removing chemical disinfection is performed on the filters

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Chemical treatment of parts is administered to remove algae and rust

Price List

9 & 12K$150
18 & 24K$180
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